Ilhoon parodying “Let It Go” (feat. Peniel)

kikwang's laugh

it really freaked me out lmfao

No. (*´∀`*)
No. (*´∀`*)

Junhyung pointing out Kikwang’s mistake

hyunseung imitation
apink's hayoung — PLAYED 1,602 TIMES


140410: hayoung carrying out the penalty on sukira

hayoung: (i’m going to be imitating) hyunseung oppa.
chorong (+ apink): ohhHhhHhHHh
ryeowook: jang hyunseung-ssi?
hy: yes. i’m sorry, (hyunseung) oppa.
hy: … *imitates hyunseung’s line from beast’s fiction*
apink: *cracks up laughing*
hy: *pauses* i—
rw: *boisterous laughter*
apink: *mentioning something about troublemaker*
hy: *sings the opening line from the fiction chorus*

Jang Hyunseung - South Korea’s (previously unknown) number one Lee Sunmi fanboy [xxx]

Junhyung when he feels he is the sexiest. Next week on Showtime!


PD: To this man, the most selfish thing we can say is…be with us forever (you can’t go anywhere).